The Men’s Ministry develops and oversees programs and activities that will serve to build and strengthen the men of RSCC both naturally and spiritually. The Men’s Ministry seeks to train and develop men to become priest in their households, Godly role models to children, ministers to the brethren, deacons in the church, armor bearers to the pastor and effective witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ to the world.
The Women’s Ministry develops women into disciples for Christ, equips them to do the work of the ministry, and teaches them how to live a Holy life that is pleasing to God. The Women’s Ministry is committed to coordinating and overseeing programs, services, and activities that will Educate, Empower, Equip and Transform women through worship, evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship. Bringing together women who are seeking an authentic and deeper relationship with Christ, and strides to create a forum for clear, correct, and concise Christian teaching, training, and development to aid women in discovering, developing, and demonstrating their faith and spiritual gifts. The Women’s Ministry helps to enable women to grow together sister-to-sister, and develop intimate, trusting, and supporting relationships one-to-another.
The Children & Youth Ministry focuses on building the character of RSCC children and youth, and empowering them through the weekly teachings of God’s Word. This ministry endeavors to provide them with the tools necessary to grow both spiritually and morally. Teach and enhance their social skills, equip them to face life’s challenges, and prepare them to be disciples of Jesus Christ, which will bring others to salvation.

The Children & Youth Ministry helps to lead youth and children to salvation and to the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Teach them who they are in God, that they are overcomers through the authority of God’s Word, and how to live peaceable with all men.

  • Children & Youth Bible Study meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. (ages 5-18, classes formed by age groups).
Prayer is the primary key to the longevity and steadfast ministry of RSCC. Communicating with God in prayer is essential to the life of the believer and central effectiveness of any ministry. The Prayer Ministry promotes prayer and oversees prayer opportunities within the church. This includes handling prayer requests, scheduling prayer shut-ins, conducting corporate and intercessory prayer meetings, prayer clinics and prayer revivals. In addition, the Prayer Ministry equips, educates and encourages God’s people in their Christian walk by helping them to develop a consistent prayer life.
The In-Reach Ministry understands that the spiritual and physical needs of RSCC family members is an important aspect of this growing ministry. The In-Reach Ministry provides a spiritual infrastructure that supports the members, and helps to develop fully transformed believers by nurturing their spiritual well-being through the teaching of God’s Word. Recognizing that reaching out to RSCC family members goes beyond the altar, and into all stages of their lives, the In-Reach Ministry works to ensure that members (and visitors) experience God’s love, peace and acceptance trough various ministries that reach, teach, develop, and transform lives.

  • New Members Ministry: Welcomes and shows God’s love to new members by aiding them in transitioning into their new RSCC church home. This ministry fosters a “welcoming” environment with an emphasis on developing and nurturing a personal relationship with God through the sharing of God’s Word, prayer, and participating in the ministry. New members receive a series of classes that not only introduces them to RSCC, but also to the body of Christ. In addition, new members receive guidance into a ministry/auxiliary where they can continue to grow and offer their gifts both naturally and spiritually.
  • Telephone Ministry: Makes telephone calls, and send cards, to RSCC members and their families during times of hardship, illness or death. Telephone calls are made once per month, and emphasis is placed on members that have been missing from services for an extended period of time.
The Outreach Ministry is comprised of ministers, evangelists and lay members who have a passion for God’s people and are dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ outside the walls of the church. To reach the lost and help those in need by going out into the community, streets, parks, and prisons in order to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To minister and counsel the spiritual and natural needs of individuals, and to show God’s love through service by providing food, clothing and hosting special services, events and activities.
The Music Ministry consists of the choir, praise team, soloists and musicians. It is the Music Ministry that provides an atmosphere of spiritual healing, growth and inspiration through the gift of music. Through praise, worship and ministering in song, the Music Ministry aids the Pastor and the ministry in meeting the needs of the body of Christ. Annual musicals and music workshops featuring guest facilitators are held throughout the year.
The Audio/Visual Ministry serves as an essential and key component of the church services. The Audio/Visual technicians serve to enhance the congregation’s ability to worship through sight and sound.
The Web Media Ministry utilizes the website and social media platforms to bring members and the community together – as well as to enhance communication about fellowship, services, celebrations and events.

The Auxiliary Support Ministry undergirds and provides supportive services to the members of RSCC, the ministerial staff, and the entire body of Christ. Showing God’s love for others through service, dedication and commitment in a compassionate and caring manner. The Auxiliary Support Ministry is made up of the following boards and committees:

The Pastor’s Aid Committee has a heart and passion to bless, support and serve the Senior Pastor and his wife. Their primary purpose is to provide them with financial, physical, emotional and spiritual support, thus enhancing their sense of peace, rest and wellness. This committee leads and encourages the congregation to pray, serve, and assist in raising funds for the Pastor and his wife.
Members of the Hospitality Board are lovers of people and are given to hospitality. They enjoy planning, and coordinating, all food service events with or for the pastor, guests, auxiliaries and departments for church fellowships, celebrations, services, retreats, fundraisers, etc.
The Mothers Board is made up of wise seasoned women of the church who are appointed by the Pastor and led by the local Church Mother. They are Holy women of God who love the Lord, are faithful to the church, and committed to instructing others as such. The Mothers Board plays an important role in teaching the young women, supporting bereaved families, and serving where needed.
The Deaconess Board consists of the Deacons’ wives and specific women of the church who have been appointed by the Senior Pastor. These women serve and assist the Senior Pastor and ministers with all ordinances of the church, including marriages, funerals, feet washing, ordinations, installations and baptisms. A primary task of the Deaconess Board is to assist with the preparation and dissemination of Communion, which includes preparing the element and Communion juice, assist with hand washing, and collection of communion cups.
The Adult Usher Board (ages 17 and over) and the Junior Ushers Board (ages 5-16) are trained to serve God’s people. The ushers greet, seat, and meet the needs of the people with a smile and welcomes them into the Lord’s house. Ushers ensure that order is maintained in the house of the Lord and are on hand at all church services, meetings, and conventions. The Adult Usher Board members receives training on a regular basis and are responsible for training the members of the Junior Usher Board.
The Greeters are individuals who love the Lord and His people, and are committed to provide an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance to the staff, members and guests of RSCC by extending loving gestures of hospitality to all.
The Pulpit Guild serves and accommodates members in the pulpit. Pulpit Guild members are lovers of God’s people, given to hospitality, and have a desire to serve the men and women of God who preach the Gospel.
The Nurses Guild consists of trained registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses and volunteers who have a love and concern for the health and wellness of the members of RSCC and the community. The Nurses Guild is on duty each service, prepared to serve and administer medical attention to those in need. The Nurses Guild educates the congregation and community concerning nutrition and health-related issues by providing informational pamphlets, workshops, health fairs, and healthy cooking seminars.